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Sacred Space Hypnobirthing Brisbane is part of Hypnobirthing Australia™,  teaching the Positive Birth program, Australia’s most popular birthing class. The Positive Birth Program is a comprehensive birth education class and is geared towards parent’s needs, rather then the hospitals policies and procedures.  Midwives across Australia love supporting women who are hypnobirthing as they are educated, confident and know they have birth rights.

Knowledge is power, and I want you to be knowledgeable about birth, interventions that can occur and how to navigate any turn your birth may take.  Birth partners learn their role in labour and how they can support and advocate for you throughout your labour so that you can focus on bringing your baby into this world.

I will continue to support you and your birth partner to feel confident and empowered after the course, and all the way up to your birth and beyond. I will encourage you to make educated and informed choices about interventions, and not fear based choices.

Running group hypnobirthing classes at Bodyfit & Flex Pilates Studio, Birkdale in Brisbane Bayside, or in your own home anywhere in Brisbane.

Contact me today so I can help you achieve the empowering and beautiful hypnobirth you and your baby deserve.

Hypnobirthing Benefits

  • Baby's born more alert and able to nurse immediately
  • Fewer requests for pain medication
  • Reduced epidural requests

  • Promotes special bonding between mother, baby and birth partner
  • Decreased use of artificial induction
  • Fewer pre-term and low-weight babies

  • Learn to advocate for yourself
  • Fewer cases of post-natal depression reported
  • Shortens active labour

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