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Sacred Space Mama Circles

What I am launching is not your normal mothers group, focused on what your baby is or isn’t doing.  It is a Sacred circle of mothers coming together to explore the evolution of motherhood in a safe space. ‘When a baby is born, so is a mother’. Giving birth to this new identity as a mother can be overwhelming and confusing and most importantly, we aren’t meant to do it all alone. Hence creating a space to bring you together in community.

In this 6 week postpartum series of circles we dive into the journey of motherhood. Learning about the change in identity that all mothers experience (but is rarely talked about).

Each week we will come together for a 90 minute women’s circle with babies in arms to explore the experience of motherhood. Revealing the joys, the struggles and the changes to our lives as we go from ‘what once was’ to ‘what now is’ and find the balance between the two worlds.


❤ Each week there will be candlelit meditations, using crystal singing bowls and other instruments to uplift you.


❤ We will cover a variety of topics on motherhood with a booklet to self-reflect and journal your experiences. This will guide you to reflect deeply so that you can live a life that feels nourishing, inspired and aligned.


❤ Time for sharing (as much or as little as you like) without anyone offering unsolicited advice.


❤ Listening and holding space so that each woman feels the power and magic of being seen, heard and valued in circle.


❤ Come as you are, you will be supported in this space with no expectations or judgement.


❤ The option to come together at the end of each circle to continue your conversations and build deeper connections over coffee at the beautiful Ginger & Lime café.


Throughout this series you will be feeling refuelled and supported by other women in your community and building a circle together that has a powerful and positive flow-on effect for your baby and your weeks ahead.

This circle is designed for postpartum Mama’s who’s babies are not on the move yet.

Sacred Space Mama Circles will be held at my beautiful venue at Bodyfit & Flex at Birkdale on Thursday’s from 11:00 am  till 12.30 pm.

Your investment for this 6 week series is $250

Sacred Circle Mama's
Sacred Circle Mama's

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