Sacred Circle

Sacred Space Mama Circles

What I am offering is not your normal mothers group, focused on your baby and their development.  This is a Sacred circle of mothers coming together to explore the evolution of motherhood in a safe space. ‘When a baby is born, so is a mother’. Giving birth to this new identity as a mother can be overwhelming and confusing and most importantly, we aren’t meant to do it all alone.

In this 6 week postpartum series of circles we dive into the journey of motherhood. Learning about the change in identity that all mothers experience (but is rarely talked about).

Each week we will come together for a 90 minute women’s circle with babies in arms to explore the experience of motherhood. Revealing the joys, the struggles and the changes to our lives as we go from ‘what once was’ to ‘what now is’ and find the balance between the two worlds.

Together we create a safe, scared, non-judgmental space to share the stories that have influenced our journeys. Each story that is shared, resonates within each of us. Their story is our story. It may have different characters, locations and timing, but the essence is the same.

We as women all struggle with the same challenges of fear, overwhelm and not-enough-ness, which often amplifies in the postpartum phase. We all have dreams and longings for freedom, peace and true happiness in our daily lives. Deep healing and transformation can happen when a woman is ‘seen’ and held with empath by others while she navigates the challenges of motherhood.


❤ Each week there will be candlelit meditations, using crystal singing bowls and other instruments to uplift you.


❤ We will cover a variety of topics on motherhood with a booklet to self-reflect and journal your experiences. This will guide you to reflect deeply so that you can release the expectations that do not serve you.


❤ Time for sharing (as much or as little as you like) without anyone offering unsolicited advice.


❤ Listening and holding space so that each woman feels the power and magic of being seen, heard and valued in circle.


❤ Come as you are, you will be supported in this space with no expectations or judgement.


❤ The option to come together at the end of each circle to continue your conversations and build deeper connections over coffee at the beautiful Ginger & Lime café.


Throughout this series you will be feeling refuelled and supported by other women in your community and building a circle together that has a powerful and positive flow-on effect for your baby and your weeks ahead.

This circle is designed for postpartum Mama’s who’s babies are not on the move yet.

Sacred Space Mama Circles will be held at my beautiful venue at Bodyfit & Flex at Birkdale. See below for upcoming dates and time.

Your investment for this 6 week series is $250

What the Mama’s are saying about Sacred Space Mama Circles


I absolutely love this conversation with Michelle about her experience of early matrescence and how circle has given her a space to get to know the new version of herself as a mother. Each week Michelle went home and explored the topics we discussed in circle with her partner. She mentions how circle has helped her reconnect with her partner in a time that could easily have caused disconnect.

When woman have a space to explore the changes they are going through and give voice to their feelings, magical things happen.



Elle’s husband contacted me directly to book Elle in for the Sacred Space Mama Circle series as a surprise for her birthday. Elle shares what a beautiful gift it was to receive as it gave her a space to come and meet like-minded mum’s and have a small time in the week that is all about her as a mother for 6 weeks. Circle has had a flow on effect for Elle, each week she has gone home and opened up conversations with her hubby that she wouldn’t of thought to have. I really admire Elle, she has been so open and venerable in this series which has given other women in the circle the confidence to allow themselves to be venerable too.



Beautiful Bree and Emmy share their experience of the 6 week postpartum circle series. I am interpreting Emmy’s big smile as her sign of approval 🤣

Bree shares how she enjoyed the structure of the series. It isn’t just women talking about anything and everything. The series is designed to illicit deep reflection on each mothers journey through matrescence and put light of the difficult parts of matrescence that we all go through but usually don’t talk about

Jemma and baby Gigi share their experience of the Sacred Space Circle Series. Jemma did The Positive Birth Program with me and found it supported her through pregnancy so she felt the circle series would do the same for her postpartum. With her partner working FIFO it can be hard for Jemma to find time for self care and this was a place for Jemma to come each week and fill her cup. I have loved sharing in Jemma’s pregnancy and postpartum.



Tamara shares openly that she had no issues paying $250 for baby sensory classes but felt like she had to ask permission from her husband to do the circle series as it was something purely for her as a mother. As the weeks of circle went on she realised just how important self care is as a new mother. Having a safe space to come each week to fill her cup had a powerful effect not just on herself but on her relationship with her husband.



Sarah has just finished the Sacred Space Mama Circle 6 week series. Sarah is the most vibrant soul and came in opened hearted and eager to share her matrescence journey with all the Mama’s. Sarah travelled an hour each way to sit in circle for 6 weeks and I am so honoured she did. We could always count on Sarah to turn the circle into cheeky direction. I will miss her vivacious energy each week. Little hypnobub Lily was our youngest bubba in this series starting at 7 weeks old.



Emma has had an amazing transformation in circle. Coming in as an anxious new Mama feeling like she was doing things wrong. Emma was so honest and open with her struggles in our very first circle and it instantly opened up an incredibly empathetic space. When she was met with such kindness and support from the more experienced Mama’s she instantly realized how hard she was being on herself as a new Mama. Each week Emma came to circle more confident, letting go of all the things she thought she ‘should’ be doing and finding what worked for her and baby Clara.
Emily wasn’t sure what she was entering into when she said yes to circle. She shares how she thought it would simply involve meditation and then coffee. Emily quickly realised that it was so much more than a meditation and general conversations. Circle is a safe space to explore motherhood and the expectations that we put on ourselves as we step into our new role as a mother. Emily found parts of circle confronting, challenging her inner critic was difficult but each week she showed up and opened trusted in the process. To see her confidence grow each week as a mother has been powerful to witness.
Sammi shares her reflections on the circle series as a second time mum. Sammi has found newborn phase easier this time around but found that circle really helped her with her three year old. Sammi comments that it is near impossible to meet the needs of a newborn, a three year old and a partner if she isn’t looking after herself and filling up her own cup and found circle so beneficial for the whole family.