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My Experience – Your Journey

Hi, my name is Danielle Rhodes and I am a certified Hypnobirthing practitioner with Hypnobirthing Australia TM.

I provide antenatal classes that incorporate proven hypnosis techniques to help your mind work with your body during your delivery – including private hypnobirthing classes, group hypnobirthing courses, and online hypnobirthing classes.

I first discovered hypnosis after experiencing high levels of anxiety in a high-pressure corporate role where I felt overwhelmed constantly and trapped in a vicious loop of anxiety and negative thoughts. I started using self-hypnosis to change my thought patterns and breathing techniques to control my anxiety, and started to see huge changes in how I felt.

I became a certified Hypnotherapist and shortly after joined Hypnobirthing Australia TM. I had experienced two Hypnobirths myself and had an uncontrollable urge to share the tools I had learnt to change my life and prepare for two amazing births.

The birth of my five year old son Aston was a beautiful experience. I practiced hypnobirthing and labouring at home for a day before finally arriving at hospital where I continued to have a beautiful and completely natural birth experience. The empowerment I felt that day, was like nothing I can describe in words.

Sienna’s birth, my now three year old, was far more complicated. I was diagnosed with Group B Strep and was considered high risk and was pressured by the hospital to follow their policies and procedures. Sienna’s birth was medically induced and everything that I didn’t want. Luckily, I was knowledgeable about birth and knew how to advocate for myself and my baby and I still managed a beautiful birth without pain relief.

As I look back, I am so grateful for my second birth experience, as it gave me the insight to the pressures that women experience from the hospital system. I am now able to support more mums as I truly understand how quickly birth can change direction and how important it is to be educated about your rights as a birthing mum.

Although I am passionate about physiological birth, I teach the Positive Birth Program in a realistic way and prepare my clients for any turn their birth may take.

Knowledge is power and when we can understand the process of birth, it can be such a magical experience. I just love having the opportunity to share this knowledge with expectant parents attending my birthing classes in Brisbane. Knowing that I have been able to support them in not only a positive birth experience, but also that they will be able to pass on the skills and knowledge they have learnt to friends, family, and even one day, to their own children, is truly humbling.

I would love to support you on your birthing journey and I look forward to seeing you in one of my hypnobirthing classes in the near future.

Contact me today to book a 20 minute free consultation where I answer all of your Hypnobirthing questions and recommend the best course of action for you and your baby’s birth.