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Birth Stories

Alice & Dave

Talk about alignment, I actually reached out to Danielle from before I was even pregnant, months before if truth be told. I knew that if we were to welcome number four, this would be our journey. After our third bubs birth, this was something I wanted for David and I. What Dave and I took home today from the Positive Birth Program with Danielle was truly something else.

Today we sat with 5 other couples and we explored the world of hypnobirthing. It was magical, empowering and honestly like a fear release around the topic of birth. We laughed together, we got in the zone and we became educated about some topics that are often taboo. Feeling humble and educated about this little ones journey earth side. No matter the path this little one chooses to join us, I know David and myself feel informed and supported by each other.

✨ What a great way to welcome the third trimester.

Jezey & Matt

Jezey & Matt booked after one of their friends completed the Positive Birth Program with Sacred Space Hypnobirthing and heard amazing things.

Jezey already had a positive mindset about birth, however after doing the program she realises there was a lot she didn’t know and she now feels she has the tools to ensure she has a positive birth experience.

Matt has witnessed a natural and csection birth in a previous relationship and shares openly about his opinion on Hypnobirthing from a male perspective

Sarah & Julian

Sarah & Julian own a fitness business and understand the importance of preparing your mind and body for a marathon like birth. They share openly about how unprepared they were feeling before doing the Positive BIrth Porgram. 

Julian shares his opinion on Hypnobirthing from a males perspective, he believes it is something that all dad’s should do to help them prepare for their role as birth partner. 

Melissa & Matt

Melissa was already a mum of two boys when she attended the Positive Birth Program with her partner Matt for their third baby. Melissa was 41 1/2 weeks when her baby was born and she shares openly how her and Matt used their hypnobirthing techniques and had a really positive and empowering birth. Matt was only ever planning to attend day 1 of the program, however he enjoyed it so much that he organised a babysitter for the older kids to be able to attend day 2. MGP is such an amazing opportunity for public care, if your thinking of getting pregnant or in your early weeks of pregnancy look into the MGP option within your hospital.

Josh & Holly

Josh & Holly have spent the last few weekends with me, immersing themselves in the Positive Birth Program. I was not surprised when Josh confessed at the end of our class today that he was initially skeptical when Holly said she wanted to try Hypnobirthing. Most men are resistant at first, not seeing the value in the up front cost. The knowledge, tools and shift in mindsets is invaluable. It doesn’t take long for couples to realise the program is worth it’s weight in gold. This couple have been a pleasure to teach, asking lots of questions and completely committed to do the work to prepare for a positive birth. Josh was happy to share his experience today to help covert others that are on the fence. Holly was a little camera shy !

Laura & Jeremy

Laura & Jeremy did the Positive Birth Program in a private setting in the comfort of their own home over Zoom.

They were not sure if Hypnobirthing was the right fit for them, however with antenatal classes cancelled at their hospital and after chatting to friends that had recently finished the Positive Birth Program with me, they decided to book a private program.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the program was done over Zoom.  Even though they had never used Zoom before they found it easy to navigate and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am so pleased that they dived in with an open mindset to the potential of the online program.


Lisa & Emmett

Lisa wanted a different birth for her second child, she had an induction and episiotomy for her first and the language used by her care providers had a big impact on her birth.

She decided this time she would be staying at home as long as possible. They live minutes from the hospital, so there would be plenty of time to get to the hospital …. maybe not 🤣😂

If your having a ‘big baby’ or you had perineal trauma in your first birth, than please read this birth story!

No interventions needed and no stitches required. Just some education and work on her mindset for birth and the possibilities are endless.



Meet our new addition, baby Michael! We didn’t quite make it to the hospital and he was delivered by my midwife/husband Emmett on our front lawn…covered in grass! But he is healthy and a whooping 4.03kg!!

I’d say I went into labour about 5 o’clock, but they were still pretty mild surges and was able to cook dinner and give my wee boy a bath. At 6.30, my husband dropped off my son at a friends place (we still weren’t sure if it was active labour or not but we thought it was for the better). I got myself ready, setting up tea candles and putting on my meditation music and got into my own wee zone. The surges got quite strong and I told Emmett to ring the hospital and they told us to give them a call back when the surges were 4 in 10mins. We timed them and Emmett let them know we were on our way. We went out the door and I immediately felt him coming. Emmett tried to get me into the car, but I got down on all fours and after two pushes his head came out and then he was out at 9.20pm!

We just wanted to thank you for teaching us the amazing skills of Hypnobirthing! I was completely relaxed and my birth was amazing…a little different but a good story all the same! Women really are amazing!

There is definitely more to Hypnobirthing than breathing and affirmations! 😂

Delighted to have him home safe and sound and finally wash the grass off him! Lisa x


Nicola & Linh

I am so excited to hear that Nikki and Linh had such a positive experience.

I admire Nikki, she had gestational diabetes and she made educated decisions throughout out her pregnancy and advocated for herself and baby Theodore.


Theodore George Tran
Born 31/07/2021
7.7 pounds

My surges started around 6am when I went for a walk along Wynnum pier. Was convinced all day they were just braxton hicks, or maybe the baby moving down and fully engaging.

Had a relaxing day where I went and got acupuncture and went for a swim with my husband. Also had chiro the day before with Liz @ HPC so I think everything was perfectly aligned for him!

We packed our bags before bed just in case, as I had been feeling him get lower and pressure in my pelvis/back all day. I think because I was so worried about induction I didn’t want to get my hopes up this was the real deal.

I called the MGP line at around 10:30pm to say think I might be in labour what should I look out for. My midwife wasn’t on so was dealing with another midwife who was super lovely but said oh yeah first time Mum it will likely be a couple days take two Panadol and try get some rest.

Linh and I went to bed and I couldn’t sleep at all as surges started ramping up.
Over the next couple hours things got more intense and had to go back in and get him to put on my TENS machine and then ended up calling the midwife at like 1am and 2am and think she just thought this chick has no pain threshold and I’m trying to sleep 😂 little did she know I was in full blown labour. Was alternating TENS and the shower at this point I don’t think I had the TENS machine up as effectively as I could because I thought this is only the beginning, thinking how much worse is this going to get!

At this point I said to Linh I feel like a failure I can’t do this I need an epidural if this is going to continue like this for 2 days. Little did I know I was in transition haha. I basically stood up then and my waters broke at 2:30am and I had the urge to push while still at home. At this point to be honest Linh and I freaked out a bit and I thought I might be having this baby on the bathroom floor.

We then rushed to the hospital with me feeling the need to push the whole drive. The midwife met us at the hospital and checked me and I was fully dilated and she could feel his head. She said ‘Ok this baby is coming now,’ and rushed around to get the birth suite ready. I gave her my birth plan and she was like I don’t have time to read this all, give me the highlights, which was fair enough as Teddy then arrived within 30 mins of us getting to hospital.

Overall it was a very positive experience. Feeling so blessed that he arrived how he did, when he did and to have such a quick labour (or not realise I was truely in labour!). I ended up doing it with no drugs which is what I wanted, Linh catching the baby and cutting cord and about 2 hours uninterrupted skin to skin while they were stitching me up. I had a bit of natural tearing but think that was to be expected with a 36 cm circumference head and such a quick labour!

Thanks again for your support during my pregnancy.


Alice & Dave

Walking along side Alice & Dave in this journey has been such an honour.

They set an intention for a positive and calm birth and held themselves accountable.

They embodied every element of hypobirthing and achieved the positive and healing birth they desired.


06.02.21 03:41pm  4.195kgs

I wanted to share the story of how our Arlo came earth side. Firstly though I wanted to tell you how much I took from Danielle’s Positive Birth Course.

David and I did Danielle’s course when I was 28 weeks pregnant. We choose to do the second half in our home at 35 weeks. We felt it would be a great course to take, given our experience with our 3rd darling. We had an emergency c section under a GA when our baby girl was 35 weeks. By doing this course it helped us to feel more educated this time round, to ask more questions, to feel informed and most of all to bring a sense of calmness to our birthing experience with our 4th darling.

Baby Arlo tried multiple times to come earth side from 29 weeks. I spent quite a bit of time in the birth suite prior to him actually coming at 38 weeks. Cheeky darling.

On the 6th of February, after many times of thinking it was go time. I woke up at 5am to a lot of pressure down near my bottom. David was getting ready for work, I stayed calm and told him. I’ll be okay. Who knows if this is the real deal. Just told him to make sure he had his phone on loud at work. Within 15 minutes I went from these light surges to the most intense regular ones. I called a friend of mine to come up and help with the children, I called my midwife to tell her and I told David to come home.

We headed to the birth suite. I had my labour kit and tens machine ready to go. With pressure I was getting, we thought our bub was coming right now. Little did we know I had gone from 3-4cm dilated the day before to 1 cm again. Bubs head was really engaged though. I was still getting the surges 4 in 10 minutes for 35-40 seconds. We decided to stay and try progress through the labour process. I had this feeling in my heart that I was going to meet our baby.

We spent the morning in and out the shower. Listening to the hypnobirthing tracks Danielle provided us. David kept saying some birth affirmations out loud for me. Then we would listen to our birth playlist as the hours past. We worked together through each surge. On the ball, back in the shower, on the toilet, dancing or on the side of the bed. We had tea lights the curtains shut and essential oils diffusing.

Come lunch time I got this pelvic pain and so much pressure. I couldn’t even handle an internal. We were reviewed and bubs heart rate was up high. We knew bub was a quite bigger than our other bubs too. Unfortunately I was just not progressing. There was thought bub was distressed and the shoulders were just not manoeuvring into my pelvis like my first two babies did so easily.

We worked through the labour a little longer and then sat down to speak about out options. Given the numerous times I have been in labour the past two months, plus never progressing all these times. We were given the option of a c section. Technically was classed as an emergency. But it all felt so calm. David and I made an informed decision with our treating team that this was the best option.

David kept reminding me of my favourite affirmation. I am willing to take on whatever path my birth takes with grace and calmness.
When we went in for our c section, David and I were still working through each surge. As they were still happening. I was spoken to about my spinal and I felt really calm about it even though I had a GA last time due to a failed spinal. I feel that my fear release I did with Danielle in my home about this really helped.

The spinal worked beautifully this time round, music was put on upon request and the surgery started. Within 5 minutes at 15:41 our darling had arrived. It was magical. We so surprised we had another baby boy to love. We couldn’t believe it. We now had 2 boys and 2 girls. Our Arlo was 9Ibs 4oz so 4.195kgs.  Arlo had delayed cord clamping and skin on skin almost straight away. We did a quick weight and once we left the recovery I was able to do skin on skin for the full night. It was bliss !

A huge thank you to Danielle for helping us bring our darling into the world in the best way possibly, with calmness and feeling informed with our choices.


Mimmi & Andrew

I shared the Positive Birth Program with Mimmi & Andrew over Zoom just before Xmas. It was was lovely watching this couple connect and prepare for baby Lou over the four weeks we worked together.

Mimmi worked hard to bring her little ma into the world but he was worth the wait.


24.01.21 03:41pm

My estimated due date came and went and at 41 weeks I started talking to my midwife about when I wanted to be induced and what we could do before to avoid the synthetic syntocin drip as she knew I wanted a natural birth. I did a heap of walking and ate and drank dates, raspberry leaf tea, used clary sage essential oil etc etc to get things going – and we also started with stretch and sweeps to see if that could kick things along. A day or so after the first stretch and sweep I had my show, and my midwife could feel that my cervix was soft, short and slightly open. At that point I was pretty over being pregnant and felt like my baby boy was never going to come out, so that piece of news gave me a huge amount of motivation. The second stretch and sweep took place four days later on the Friday morning. A few hours later at 3.30pm on the same day, my contractions started – 4-5 minutes apart but they were very short and not very intense. That’s when it all started.

A few hours later at about 7pm we had some dinner, around the same time I put the TENS machine on which worked incredibly well for me. For the next few hours I laboured away pretty well with similar time between surges, but they became more and more intense. I listened to my hypnobirthing tracks and affirmations which helped see me through the next couple days. My husband was there every step of the way, doing anchor points, light touching and  just generally being supportive through it all. At about 1am (Saturday) I felt the need to be sick, but nothing actually came up. I didn’t manage to get any sleep all night because of my surges being so close together and getting more and more intense. At 7am in the morning on the Saturday we met our midwife at the hospital so that she could check in on things, I felt like I couldn’t feel Lou moving around very much and wanted to make sure that he was doing ok, and also discuss the plan from here on. She put the CTG and contraction monitor on my belly and had a feel of my cervix. Everything was absolutely fine with Lou and he was moving around in there, but because I was so focused on being in my own little bubble and breathing through surges I couldn’t feel his movements as much as I normally could. I couldn’t resist asking my midwife how far along I was in terms of my cervix being dilated, but she knew my birth plan well and asked me if that’s something I really wanted to know at this point – after which I agreed and said no. She did however say that I was far enough to stay in the hospital if I wanted, or I could go home and continue labouring at home. We decided on the latter. My midwife had also suggested that I do squats during surges and that I put the breast pump on and do 20 minutes on each breast as often as possible to keep things going in the right direction. Both of these things made surges incredibly intense and I continuously upped the intensity of the TENS machine to help me through. On the Saturday afternoon I started throwing up whatever little food and drink was in my belly, and although this, combined with no proper sleep for the last day and a half, made me incredibly tired, the intensity of the surges kept me motivated as I felt like every surge was bringing me closer to meeting our baby boy.

At about 12.15am Sunday morning, we decided that surges were too strong to keep staying at home, and we met our midwife at the hospital. We set up the birth suite with lots of battery operated candles, a portable speaker to play my hypnobirthing tracks, pictures of Lou from different ultrasounds and other personal items to make it feel like our space. After that, as my midwife examined my cervix, I had another surge which made my waters break, both I and my poor midwife were covered in amniotic fluid. I kept having more and more intense surges that were closer and closer together, and kept breathing through them and quietly repeated my affirmations – “every surge brings my baby closer to me”. My husband kept trying to get me to eat and drink little bits here and there to keep my energy levels up, but I felt quite nauseous and kept throwing up what little I could swallow.

At this point I felt like my surges were extreme and that Lou would pop out at any point now, I had about four surges every ten minutes and made loud noises as I was breathing through them. At 4am Sunday morning I jumped in the birthing pool. But after about 1.5h in the pool my midwife ordered me to get out of the pool, as my surges had slowed to only one in every 10 minutes. I think my body felt nice and relaxed in the pool and instead of things continuing in the same pace, it must have seen that as a way to rest and get back a little bit of energy. Up ‘on land’ again, my surges picked up to about the same level as before getting into the bath. I kept feeling like they’re incredibly intense and kept breathing through them, thinking I might be bearing down. My midwife does another examination at 10am and I am finally fully dilated, after hearing that I feel so motivated even though I thought that Lou would come out hours ago. My midwife and I discuss doing some active pushing. Although this isn’t the bearing down technique I was hoping to do, I am so tired and exhausted at this point that I feel like I’m willing to change things up as necessary to hurry things along. I try to push through my surges in a few different positions, but things are still not really happening. We discuss adding a very small amount of syntocin as my body and my baby have been going for so long and need some help through this final stage. I agree and at 11am the syntocin drip is put in at the lowest level. I continue actively pushing through my surges in various positions to find one that works for me. It looks like we’re getting pretty close and my midwife can start seeing my baby’s head. My husband is absolutely crucial for me at this stage. I am so exhausted and active pushing is incredibly hard work, but my husband is my biggest cheerleader and keeps screaming encouraging words and helping me through, the best coach I could ever imagine. He knows what I respond to well to during endurance challenges and races, and uses the same technique (times 1,000!) to encourage and support me. I feel so supported and loved. At one point he starts crying, I’m guessing it’s from seeing me work so hard and knowing that we’re so close to meeting our baby. I tell him to pull himself together and all three of us (me, my husband, and our midwife) have a bit of a laugh which feels like a nice little relief in all this seriousness.

At 12.30pm – still no baby – and the obstetrician is starting to get nervous about seeing both me and baby getting increasingly tired. He tells us that he wants to prepare the theatre to give me an epidural, do an episiotomy and use a vacuum to help move things along. This sounds pretty extreme to both me and my husband, and my husband asks if there is any middle ground between the two extremes, is there a step in between what we’re doing now and having to go to the theatre. The OB leaves to have a chat to his boss, and comes back a bit later saying that they are happy to let me stay in my birth suite and do the episiotomy and put in the vacuum there, without the epidural, and that this is what they will be doing if Lou isn’t out in the next 15 minutes. But he keeps telling me that I’ve got 15 minutes to get him out, and that that would be the best case scenario (another good motivator!). I keep pushing like a maniac lying on my right side and pulling my legs towards me with everything I’ve got. But eventually, my 15 minutes are up, there are about 12 people in the birth suite at this point, including obstetricians, pediatricians, midwifes etc – which is a big change from just being me, my husband and our midwife. The OB tells me he needs to get started and they change my positions to lie on my back with my feet and legs up on the leg holders, he’s got a plastic apron on and it looks to me like he’s standing ready with the scalpel. I tell him I can feel another surge coming on, and he tells me to go for it. I can feel the whole room cheering me on and telling me to go hard, to keep going, to push a little bit more, that I can do it, etc etc. I could feel the energy from the entire room and I think that helped me get my baby’s head just that little bit further. They told me that his head was part way out, and encouraged me to put my hand down and feel his head. It was incredible, and they even showed me through a mirror. That gave me the energy to push even harder – and out came his head (and his right hand!)! One final push and his body was out and I finally had my beautiful baby boy on my chest! What an immensely incredible feeling. He was the most perfect little thing we had ever seen and we couldn’t believe what we were experiencing.

After a 46h long intense labor, he was finally here. And sure, it was tough, hard work and extremely long – but thinking back on it now, I would do it all again in a heart beat. All the preparation we had done through the hypnobirthing course; the tracks, my affirmations, light touching, acupressure and eating and drinking different things, made us feel so prepared and ready for it, and even though it wasn’t at all what we were expecting, I believe that our preparation is what got us through it – without pain relief, and with very little intervention. A massive thank you to Danielle for preparing us for our big day, we couldn’t have done it without you.



Jessica & Ryan

Jess had experienced a lot of intervention in her first birth after being induced without medical reason and baby Addi was rushed away after a difficult birth.

Her due date was the 27th December, but Jess was adamant that she was not having unnecessary intervention this time. She waited for her daughter to decide when she would be born.

With only 7 minutes left of the year, Isla arrived on NYE at 12.53pm 2020.


Isla Elizabeth Thomas
31.12.20 11:53pm

Isla was born at 11:53pm so she just missed being a 2021 baby, it went well. It was long, I started having contractions around 1am on the Thursday morning and even though I was walking and doing all the things I was only 6cm at 10pm so they ended up breaking my waters and then it got pretty intense.

I hopped into the shower with the gas & air and delivered her shorty after.

I got the most amazing undisturbed couple of hours after birth, just laying with her on my chest. That was all I really wanted, just to be able to hold her after birth and not have her whisked away like Addi, so that was really special.

Thank you for all your help and guidance it really made such a big difference with how my birth turned out xx

Taylor & Dylan

Taylor and Dylan were the dream team when it came to practicing their Hypnobirthing skills. At 36 weeks they found out at a 3D scan that baby was breech. Dylan was messaging me in the middle of the scan, he remembered we had spoken about breech presentation in the Positive Birth Program.

Straight away they jumped into action, seeing the Chiropractor I recommend and practicing lots of techniques to create space for baby to rotate.

They used their B.R.A.I.N technique to make educated decisions each step of the way. With a quick ECV baby turned and they decided not to be induced and trust baby would stay head down.

I am so proud of this couple, it’s often when challenges arise that we need our Hypnobirthing skills most.


Hugo Keith Murphy
Born 14th of Dec 2020

Dylan and I were so excited. We spent the day relaxing, listening to birthing tracks and connecting with one another. By about 6pm my surges were very intense and I was unable to talk through them. They were still not very regular (ranging between 1 minute apart and 4 minutes apart). Although I was in a lot of pain, I was managing and I knew I wanted to stay home as long as possible before heading to the hospital. Dylan was supporting me through this so so well and we were comfortable and I didn’t have the urge to go to the hospital so stayed home. Dylan set up my diffuser, began playing music to calm me and giving me light touch massage.

By 1am my surges were extreme and coming regularly every two minutes. I had felt the urge to go to the hospital at 12am but I wanted to make sure I was truely ready and the support I had from Dylan was truly encouraging and beautiful.

At 1am we decided to go and get checked out for some peace of mind from the hospital as he was previously in breech and I wanted to ensure he hadn’t flipped back. I also just felt more comfortable being checked. When we got to the hospital I asked to be checked but I didn’t want to know how far along I was, just if it would be okay for us to go home for a while longer or to stay at the hospital. When I was at the hospital my surges became irregular and went back to being 1 every 10 minutes.
The doctor said it was up to us where we felt more comfortable labouring. 

My waters had partially broken and bub was happy and still head down. So we decided to go home.
I tried to get some sleep but was unable to as my surges became even strong then ever. At 5am I woke Dylan up and said “we need to go back now, I can’t do this”. I had officially began to lose faith in myself. Dylan knew this meant I was more than likely at transition time so to honor my wishes of trying to stay home as long as possible he ran me a bath and began pouring water over me to ease my pain. 

After some time going from shower to bath I said it was definitely time to go to the hospital. We went to the hospital and at this point I couldn’t speak to anybody or answer any questions, I was just working through my surges internally. During this examination I asked to be told how far my dilation was and I was 8cm.
I began to doubt myself and my ability to deal with the pressure and my partner and midwives could see this. The encouragement shown by my two midwives and partner at this point is something I will never be able to explain. After a short while I began to feel an extreme urge to push so I began pushing, pushing and pushing.
I worked with my body, changing positions to which felt comfortable. Pushing during surges. After two hours of pushing I could feel that my surges had become further and further apart. I was physically exhausted from using everything in me to bring bub into the world. Bub’s heart rate never changed and he was so happy the entire time but I knew in my heart that I needed some help to get him here. I was offered some assistance via vacuum assist and I agreed. Bub was delivered vaginally.
This is not the birth I had imagined but I knew that I and my partner did everything we could and were able to make informed choices during this time.
Although a vacuum delivered was not in my ideal plan, everything I really wishes for during my birth was honored. I was able to make it through with only gas as pain relief because of the support from my beautiful partner. We were able to watch the cord run completely clear and then Dylan was able to cut it. Bubs initial checks were done on my chest and then we had 2 hours of uninterrupted skin to skin.
Looking back on the experience makes me realise all of the techniques he implemented during labour and how much it helped me.

Shi & Joel

Shi is 19 and a Type 1 diabetic and there were many complications along the way, but she a warrior and she rocked her birth. 

Shi started off anxious about birth and I am not surprised, the hospital definitely failed to support this Mumma in a positive way.

To see her transformation as we moved through the program is something I will always remember.

She always knew her baby girl would be healthy, even when the hospital fear mongered her. She simply needed the tools to take back her power and self advocate.

My own mother was 16 (just) when she had me and my birth involved every form of intervention for my young mum. So this story is extra close to my heart.



Peyton at 8:29pm!!!
Weight: 8.2lbs
Length: 51 and a half cm

Came in at 1pm they checked everything at 2:30pm I didn’t even need the tape was already 4cm dilated. They moved me to birth suit and broke my waters, labour started really quickly so I didn’t need any syntocin which was amazing.


Pushed for 60 minutes then out came baby.

Lots and lots of hair and her bloods are amazing and she’s feeding awesomely.

Thank you Danielle. I’m using all of my hypnobirthing techniques to get me through this. I wouldn’t of felt this empowered if it wasn’t for this course.


Kirsty & David

So proud of this mumma, there were a lot of late night messaged exchanged whilst she was in hospital. So happy her birth was so powerful.


Bodhi Edwin Kaipuke (Bo)

15.09.20 | 05.09.20 | 11.06am

Waters broke Saturday night on the 12th in Hollywood fashion. Admitted to hospital with PRROM Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes. Due to COVID husband wasnt aloud to be with me and was sent home regardless that the possibility of going into labour was HIGH! The emotional impact was more than I could handle to be honest saying goodbye almost broke me.

The doctors wanted to induce me if nothing happened by Tuesday and steroids’ and antibiotics were given.

Went into spontaneous labour Monday laboured quietly on the ward by myself only having panadol and heat packs.

I drew on every bit of knowledge I learnt during Hypnobirthing classes with Danielle and all the reading/podcasts. Doctors wanted to check my cervix (and do it regularly) but due to waters breaking I was not comfortable with that as it can cause infection and advocated strongly that I would let them know when I felt closer. On Tuesday 5am was when I finally asked for my cervix to be checked. Midwifes didn’t believe I was in labour due to being so calm #hypnobirthing and basically took forever to come down….I called my midwife and David knowing this bubba was ready and well nobody else was calling them! #toocalm

Husband got there at 7.30am, he walked in as literally as they were checking my cervix ALREADY 8CM dilated.

Rushed to birth suite!!!! Well I walked actually.

45 mins later… 24 mins of involuntary pushing… 4 deep breaths and Bodhi was born. His daddy was first to touch him earthside! It was perfect! He even was able to touch him as he crowned.

Birthed on the ground on my knees. No tearing, stitches or a great loss of blood.

My story is the reason people need to do hypnobirthing…. to have a sense of control and autonomy in ANY situation.

I find that with some people hypnobirthing carries a stigma around only being able to use it for “natural births”, this is absolutely not the case.

Kirsty x

Steph & Ben

It has been such an amazing opportunity to play a small part in Steph’s journey to motherhood.

Steph worked hard to change her mindset from one full of anxiety and fear of pain to courage and excitement.

We checked in regularly over Zoom after the program. Pregnancy and birth is a roller coaster full of highs and lows and you just have to ride the waves with an open heart and Steph did that every step of the way.


Ruby Evelyn
Weight 8.5 lbs

08.11.20 | 12.35pm

No one can ever prepare you for birth! I was scared, I was anxious, and I had no idea what to expect. But thanks to Danielle and her hypnobirthing class it really helped contribute to the safe arrival of our daughter Ruby.

I laboured for 12 hours naturally exactly on my due date.

When we got to the hospital I was 3cm dilated but the progression had escalated so quickly.

Within a 2.5 hour window I went from 3-8cm dilated and only used gas and morphine. While this can work for some women unfortunately for me it didn’t work at all and that’s okay because my husband reminded me to relax and breathe and put my mind elsewhere with every contraction. We learnt this with Danielle.

Focusing on my breathing and labouring in the warm shower helped me progress with the labour.

My midwife checked me again and decided to break my waters to help me progress in the final stages.

Those final stages were so quick and intense that it was too late for an epidural. After 30 minutes of pushing and no assistance required, our little smooch arrived.

Steph x



Matilda Anne

05.09.20 | 11.06am

I worked privately with Ro and her sister to prepare for her second birth. Ro experienced significant intervention towards the end of her first birth with her son. She had an episiotomy and assisted delivery, resulting with a further tear. After a drug free birth she was given an epidural and taken into surgery after birth to repair the damage.

Because of mums previous birth the OB sat down with her in her first appointment with the hospital and said ‘So because of what happened last time you are going to have a cesarean right?’. To which she replied no and contacted me to prepare for a positive birth.

I tailored the course to address Ro’s fears and we worked on strategies to ensure this birth was different.

This Mumma is one strong and independent woman and I was so honored to play a small part in her birth.


Things started to happen mid afternoon and by bed time contractions were 10 minutes apart. I went to bed however was up at 11pm with intense contractions. Laying down seemed to be worse so I paced the house and watched mean girls on the birth ball. Contractions were getting closer, about 3 minutes apart and by 4am I had a bright red bleed which freaked me out so we headed in to hospital shortly after. I was on the cusp of being able to use the bath so I used the tens machine and bounced on the ball for awhile before getting in the water. While sniffing my clary sage oils to strengthen my surges. 

I laboured for the most part in the bath but my waters didn’t break until I got out of the bath and I ended up birthing her on the bed. It all started to get intense and when I got out of the water and changed position she was out in 10 minutes.

We got to the hospital at 5am and she was born at 11am! I am really happy with how it all played out.

I do have some stiches but only a 2nd degree so I am over the moon.

Baby Matilda stayed with me skin to skin while I was stitched up and then I was able to shower. A very different experience from my sons birth where we were not together after birth.

Thank you for your big part in her birth. 



Jess & Boyd

Olive Rain Patricia Buffier

05.07.20 | 8.43am 

Nothing like we had planned, but in every way just perfect. 1.40hr labour and no pain relief. I listened to my body and breathed bubba out in 3 waves. I am amazed and so empowered with what our bodies can do! We arrived home yesterday and everything is just perfect. Thank you for teaching and giving us the confidence to have a beautiful birth Danielle, we are so grateful for what we learnt in your class. Jess, Boyd & Olive


Kristiane & Jaiden

Bailey Jo Massey

20.6.20 | 2:26am | 3.22kg | 53.5cm

For 20hrs I breathed and moved my way through my surges, listening to what my body needed to help me through each one and continuing my day as normal as possible. I spent the final 3hrs bearing our little girl down who was born with her hand over her ear, making those 3hrs much more difficult than expected but worth every minute of it.

Danielle I cannot thank you enough for giving Jaiden and I the tools, knowledge and confidence to get through this experience in such a positive way with the best outcome I could have hoped for, for both Bailey and myself.   Kristiane, Jaiden & Bailey

Brooke & Todd

​I was booked in to be induced at 41 weeks+1 and although disappointed I was determined to still make it a positive hypnobirth.

40 weeks +5: I Started to have stronger, more frequent braxton hicks and persistent back pain morning of Monday 18th May. I could sense something was going to ramp up so we went to bed early. I didn’t sleep, I felt all of my contractions in my back and at 11pm I was out of bed on the gym ball, listening to my birthing affirmations. I moved into the shower and swayed through my surges which were now 2mins a part, lasting 1min.

We arrived at the hospital at 1am and was 4-5cm dilated. I laboured in the dark using my relaxation tracks, aromatherapy and with the support of my partner who used the techniques he had learnt in your Hypnobirthing classes.

At 6am / 7cm dilated I decided to use the gas as I was moving into the ‘transition’ stage. My waters had not broken so between surges so I bounced and rocked on the gym ball. Not long after I had the urge to bear down standing and on all fours for a further 3hrs. I was still 7cm dilated with my waters bulging and with an inflamed cervix.

Between myself, husband, midwife and obstetrician we made the decision to have an epidural and break my waters. Although this was not in my birth preferences, I felt that the clinical team worked with us. They kept the room dark and calm and I got to enjoy a break from the surges for 2hrs.

The obstetrician and midwife asked for my permission to coach me through pushing as it wasn’t in my plan. They set up the room, obstetrician in place and we were ready to meet our baby when the fire alarm went off, luckily it was a false alarm and we were back on track.

They used syntocin to kick start the contractions again and used a vacuum to assist. Baby’s heart rate raced and dropped rapidly as I pushed. I kept my eyes closed and put all of my trust into the team supporting me. Our baby arrived safely into the world and they honoured my wishes for delayed cord clamping, I had uninterrupted skin to skin for 2hrs and he latched during that time.

The hospital staff were great and were all extremely supportive of the Hypnobirth we wanted. Both of our midwives said they were excited to be a part of a hypnobirth. It was reassuring to hear my midwife using language like “breathe your baby down”.

It didn’t matter if it was the obstetrician, anaesthetist, midwives or paediatrician, everyone tried their best to honour the birth I had imagined. It was empowering and surrounded by love.

It was so great having my partner with me who knew exactly how I wanted my birth to be. He used light touch massage, had an understanding of the clinical processes, negotiated and was my advocate during each stage of the birth.

Thank you for everything you have done for our family Danielle. I remember not wanting to do antenatal classes at all before a midwife suggested hypnobirthing. Being first time parents, it was the greatest gift to have so much knowledge and confidence. With love, Brooke & Todd


Louise & Nathan

​I just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help with the hypnobirthing classes. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to get through childbirth as confident as I did without all the knowledge you gave us and all of the techniques and meditation to enhance all my natural endorphins, what a fantastic experience I had!

Miss Molly Rae Mckeown was born Saturday 18th April @ 00.54am

My membranes ruptured Tuesday at 9.30pm, we went to the hospital to get it checked and they did a sterile swab to check for amniotic fluid and then they discussed induction as now I would be susceptible to infection. I’m so glad I talked to you and got the reassurance I needed to trust my instinct and I asked them if I could push an induction out as far as I could without risk to the baby.

They allowed 72hrs which made me so happy as I was sure labour would come on naturally in that time. They just wanted me to come into the hospital every day to monitor the baby on the CTG scan and to see if anything had grown from my swab test, so we were still all good to wait, It was a long couple of days having surges at night mostly then they would drop off in the morning. We did everything from pressure points to massage and light touch to clary sage oil, hot showers, spicy food and bouncing on my ball. Finally on Thursday night I got surges again but this time they stayed and were getting stronger and closer together. I listened to my affirmations and relaxing music, I was even able to take a couple of naps listening to Surge of the Sea and Rainbow Mist. But in the afternoon when the surges were about 5 mins apart, I decided we best go to the hospital. They put me on a CTG scan again and said they would really like the surges to be a lot closer and I’m still better off to keep doing what I’m doing at home as we only live 2 mins from the hospital. So back home we went and I got into bed to listen to some meditation only to be woke up by a pop and a gush, it was quite surreal feeling but after my forewaters had ruptured it was game on, the surges came on hard and fast and another few hours at home I couldn’t stick it any longer. Poor Nathan was about to sit down and have his dinner and I was just like we need to go now ?

So back to the hospital again and she did a cervix check and I was 7cm, so they got me straight into the Birth suite at 8.30pm. Nathan was an amazing support, we were able to take a hot shower which was amazing relief. I had over prepared for the hospital but because we had done so much work at home and I was so far along, it all went out the window. ? All my lovely nightlights and aromatherapy didn’t get used, but at that stage I just wanted my baby out. We tried different positions and I got to the stage where I was exhausted and actually felt like I needed to lay down on the bed. I lay down for a couple of minutes and my body just got this mad urge to start pushing and I started to grunt really deep. It was a crazy feeling but the midwives were amazing and just let me do what I felt was natural.

After an hour, the babies heart rate was a bit elevated so the doctor came in and she changed up my position to be on my back which I kept thinking you’re going against gravity but for some reason it actually worked. I could finally feel the baby coming down and another 20 minutes later she was here.

I delivered her myself and lifted her to my chest and it was instant love. We had delayed cord clamping than Nathan cut the cord, it was a very proud daddy moment. I did have a second-degree tear internally but I couldn’t have planned the birth of our Miss Molly any better. It was such a positive experience coming from me being so fearful over my own birth which was so traumatising on my own mother that she had such bad PTSD and I always feared I would be the same. So, without your help I would have never been able to push that out of my subconscious mind, much love from the Mckeown’s ?

Braide & Gareth

I woke at 1am to a big gush of fluid as my membranes released in bed. After getting over the initial shock and excitment of this (and the clean up) I started to feel things beginning. From your class, I knew this was normal and not to panic, to get rest when I could and let my body do what it’s meant to do. By this stage my 3 yr old had woken up and came in. He wouldn’t go back to bed and insisted on being by my side. So we went to bed, him snuggled up next to me holding my hand and patting my arm gently while I put in my earphones and listened to my hypnobirthing tracks. It was really quite beautiful. I drifted in and out of sleep until my son woke me at sunrise.

Things started to intensify as my family went about their normal morning routine. I called the hospital and they strongly suggested I come in asap or risk not making it. We got to the hospital at 7:30/8am and Ava was born naturally at 9:58am. I’m so glad I stayed at home for so long and felt totally comfortable doing so. We are very grateful for the support and knowledge we gained from you and your course. It really did help so much and on so many levels. Thank you! X

Nikki & Ken

We welcomed our baby girl Katheryn Elizabeth into the world on her guess date on Valentine’s Day ❤️

She was born healthy at 3kgs 50cm and was a very quick birth – 3hrs from when we arrived at hospital for an assessment (I was bleeding quite a lot) to holding her in our arms. 

I had spent the whole day listening to my hypnosis tracks and relaxing through what I thought were practice surges then at 7pm I went to the bathroom and had a huge amount of bleeding with clots which the midwife now thinks must have been my mucus plug dislodging but at the time she was quite worried that I was haemorrhaging so got me straight to hospital for a pregnancy assessment. The baby’s heartbeat was calm and my surges we quite intense by then and 15mins apart. They wanted to induce me and break my membranes but I asked if I could have an hour to see if she could come naturally. They put in a canular in case it was needed and I couldn’t have a water birth but my waters broke naturally 55mins later and I birthed her on my hands and knees then squatting in about 30mins. There was 2nd and 3rd degree tearing that needed stitches because she came so quickly but I was just so relieved to have her out and healthy with no intervention or pain relief. 

Although I didn’t have time to play my tracks/change the lighting or put up my affirmations I truly believe that the time I spent using hypnosis during that day and every night in the weeks leading up to the birth helped us to all keep calm and focused. During my stitching I also used the glove of endorphins visualisation to help me keep calm while having the local anaesthetic. 

Katheryn latched easily and fed for 40mins straight after the birth. We did delayed cord cutting though only a couple of mins but I had the syntocin injection to birth the placenta as I had lost so much blood already and was still bleeding quite a lot. 

I have been playing the relaxation for breastfeeding tracks which seems to really calm Katheryn down, perhaps she remembers the music and voice from listening to the pregnancy tracks ❤️

Thank you x


Natasha & David

Noah James Emery…7 pound, born at home in the pool. Arrived safely, happy and healthy yesterday at 6.22pm. Couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience, your course played a big role in that.

Once I was in the pool, I actually spent a lot of time in that zone where I felt like I was asleep in between surges. 

Dave was my absolute rock. He knew exactly what I needed and when. What to say and he didn’t leave my side and I got so much strength and security/safeness from him.

Dave mentioned how valuable the course was as it helped him to support me the way he did.

I will share more once we are out of our newborn bubble. Natasha.


Krystal & Fano

We had another little girl, we are so thrilled! Her name is Madeleine, she is perfect ? I went to the hospital on the Friday 23/08/19 for decreased fetal movements and got induced that night. I was 5 cms when my water broken and little Madeleine was born at 5:51am on Saturday 24/08/19. I had the midwife I loved on call and it was an amazing experience. I couldn’t have a water birth because I was induced but I got to have her using the ball and yoga mat which was what I wanted if I couldn’t have a water birth. The hypnobirthing was great, we had the tracks playing while I was having contractions which definitely helped. It also helped Fano keep me on track and centered. I would really recommend you and Kindred. Thank you for sharing hypnobirthing with us. Krystal. 


Jess & Chops

Our beautiful little man entered this world at 3.44am on the 31st Jan. Reign was born via a beautiful natural waterbirth after a 6 hour labor. I felt so light and weightless in the water, I surrounded myself with tea light candles and calming music in preparation to bring him into the world.

Water birth wasn’t even in my birth plan, however it was where my body felt the safest, and be able to bring him into this world.

The hypnoborthing course I did with Sacred Space Hypnobirthing changed my life as I was able to focus on breathing and bearing down to give him the last few pushes into the world.

Our beautiful boy was born alert and awake and stared straight into my eyes like we had known each other forever.

We had different midwives pop in to have a quick look because they said they hadn’t witnessed such a beautiful birth in so long!

Thank you for the sharing the program with us and your support till the end. Jess


Michelle & Adam

So it started on Tuesday afternoon around 3pm with just period pains and they slowly started to increase and noticed there was a bit of a pattern, I was bouncing on the ball while watching ‘queer eye for a straight guy’ haha I felt really positive and calm.

By 9pm I needed to walk and move while I was having a surge. I called the hospital and said that I thought I was in early labour, they said to ride it out as long as possible and hopefully that it wouldn’t fizzle out. I put on my hypnobirthing tracks to relax and save my energy as I was starting to feel exhausted, every surge I almost did a lap around the house and really focus on my breathing.

By 2am I was ready to go to the hospital, I woke Adam up (he was really sick and had fevers, but he was still really supportive). The car trip was hard! I had a clary sage oil roller and would just breathe it in during a surge as I felt like I couldn’t do anything else to feel comfortable.

I went into a room at the hospital and they weren’t sure if it would fizzle out, so I just continued to walk around and breathe. At 5am they asked if I would like to be checked, I was 50/50 about it but I did and found out I was only 1cm dilated and was a bit disappointed mainly because I didn’t want to get back in the car.

We got home around 6am and Adam went to bed and I was in our spare room on all fours on the bed with a pillow between my legs. I just moved my hips, breath and would collapse onto the pillow to rest in between each surge. I was really uncomfortable by this stage and was doubting myself, I think being by myself for most of my labour I just needed reassurance and encouragement…. but I now know this was my transition period.

Around 8:30am I was stomping my feet and moaning/being a bit more vocal (I had only been breathing, other than that I was silent), Adam rang the hospital and said we were coming back, WORSE car ride! Peak hr and school zones.. not enjoyable!

We got to the hospital at 9:00am, and the midwives quickly checked me which was horrible because I had to be on the bed, but I was 10cm dilated and ready to push! Which I thought in the car I wanted to push, but also didn’t think I would’ve progressed that quickly. My waters broke and really started to bear down, I was on a mat and Adam was on a chair in front of me, each surge I would hang onto the chair and pull back into a child’s pose (like yoga) and then would rest my head on a pillow on Adam lap to try and recover.  I found pushing really hard, I hadn’t slept in 24hrs – I was lacking energy.

They wanted to put a catheter in as I couldn’t wee so they thought it might help baby move down, but then they realised her head was right there and was too late. The midwife suggested I turn around on the bed and hold onto the back of the bed and I would continue to go into child’s pose each surge which I really liked and Adam was at my face. 

It turned a little hectic in the last 5-10mins as her heart rate dropped and they didn’t want to waste time, so I had to get an episiotomy. I was very calm still and wasn’t scared when the room filled with people. I felt like no time and she was out, which was 11am on Wednesday. 

She had a tiny cord so I could only get her to near my belly button but she did have to be checked over by the paediatrician, so unfortunately didn’t get delayed cord clamping. I did get the shot to get my placenta out as I was exhausted and knew that she wasn’t connected to it anymore 

We had an hour or more of really lovely skin to skin and did some breastfeeding, I think I was in shock and couldn’t believe what just happened! I was really proud of myself that I did it without any pain relief and laboured mostly by myself, and I really do believe because I was educated in all areas of the birth I wasn’t ever worried or didn’t understand what was happening 

We only spent one night in hospital before getting the all clear to come home, she’s been a little trooper and loves extra cuddles at night time haha and breastfeeding is going well. Thank you for helping us prepare for a our beautiful birth. Michelle.


Hannah & Joseph

My ‘guess date’ was 19 June 2019. On 17 June 2am, my waters broke in a big gush. My midwife suggested that I go into hospital to check and they confirmed it was broken. They said I have 48 hours to give birth before higher risk of infection. For the next 40ish hours I was in early labour, I was going for walks, we went shopping, doing spinning baby exercises, using hypnobirthing techniques and just breathing through. The surges were getting slightly stronger but not consistent. It was actually a fairly enjoyable 2 days and Joseph and I spent some quality time bonding. 

We went into hospital at around 8pm on 18 June and hospital midwife said they actually detected Strep B in an earlier test. Hospital policy was that they induce me as I was nearing 48hours plus Strep B. At this point my surges were coming on really strong and regular and even walking into the hospital didn’t deter them. They started to put the drips into my wrist etc, I remember turning to Joseph at this point and saying “This is not what I wanted.” My midwife arrived at this point and I was admitted at 11pm. When she checked my dilation prior to induction she found I was 6cm already. She did a stretch and sweep. I asked her to talk with the doctor and allow me to continue naturally. Doctor agreed. 

For the remaining 6 hours of active labour I did a lot of spinning baby exercises as her head was slightly angled. These were really hard as I did them during surges, many times I thought I couldn’t go on! I felt the urge to push and asked my midwife to do another examination and I was at 10cm. An hour and some exercises later she arrived. Joseph caught her. 🙂 We did the golden hour and we delayed cord clamping until after the hour. I was absolutely exhausted so I fell asleep. Pele Rose was born at 5.55am 19th June, her guess date!

I lost significant blood after the placenta delivery and I stayed 1 night and checked myself out the next day as I was feeling good and the Paediatrician was taking too long haha. 

I actually accidentally left my mp3 at home so I didn’t use any of the hypnobirthing audios! Still, I’m very thankful for having learnt the skills because I breathed and focused through my surges and I knew my body could do it even though at times my mind was telling me otherwise. 

Pele is 2 months and 5 days today. She’ll be flying for the first time on Tuesday to Samoa. In October she’ll be travelling the world with us for the next 6+ months. 🙂  Thank you so much for doing what you do and I hope you’ve enjoyed my birthing story and being a special part of it.

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