So you told your partner that you want to do Hypnobirthing and they looked at you with a confused look of shock and fear. Were they pretty quick to suggest it isn’t necessary? Without any idea what Hypnobirthing is?

The main question I get asked from mums is booking a Hypnobirthing class is ‘does my partner come?’, which is typically followed by the explanation that they aren’t very keen to attend anyway. It’s normal to feel frustrated and disheartened by their partners lack of interest. You’ve carried their baby for months and just want your partner to attend a two-day class to learn how to support you on the most important day of your pregnancy – the birth!

Truth be told, most birth partners attending the class start the day the same way, acting as if they have been dragged kicking and screaming! Over the years I have been teaching hypnobirthing, getting the partners engaged in the class has become one of my favourite parts of the program. Regardless of how sceptical they are, I always see the ‘lightbulb moment’ when they suddenly realise how important their role is in helping bring THEIR baby into the world.

I place a big emphasis on their role, as a calm, confident and knowledgeable birth partner, they can make ALL the difference to your birthing experience. It is likely that you will reach a point that you start to doubt your ability and turn to them for strength and guidance. You want them to be your voice of reason, that tells you that you can do it, you are doing it and you’re FREAKIN amazing!

Your birth partner needs to understand the birthing process just as much as you do, they need to know what to expect, how to provide better support if interventions are needing to be discussed during labour. It’s helpful to understand the benefits and risks of common interventions so together you can discuss what is best for mother and baby in a calm way. This in depth class, will give you and your birth partner the skills you need to make informed choices about your birth.

Attending hypnobirthing classes with your partner will also allow you and your partner to take some much-needed time out to prepare yourselves and to reconnect before your family grows. Life is busy preparing for a new addition and it is easy to get caught up in every day life. Partners really do want to support you, but often have no idea how to do that during labour, as this is all new to them too.

Your birth partner can actively assist by keeping your birth space calm and relaxed which can help maintain the flow of oxytocin. I will teach you massage, acupressure, breathing, rebozzo and important positions for labour. It is important to practice the techniques regularly at home, so that your partner feels confident supporting you on your birthing day.

Your birth partner will feel educated and empowered because they’ve been so involved in the process. What could be better than having your birth partner there by your side for one of the most amazing, transformative experiences of your life?