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Pregnancy Circle

We would like to invite you to a Zoom Pregnancy Circle on Thursday the 19th August at 7pm.

Kate and I are both Hypnobirthing practitioners located on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and we have been experiencing the same challenges through lockdown and have been leaning on each other for support. We have both seen the impact that lockdown is having on pregnant women and we have decided we want to offer something to support you all, regardless of whether your currently in lockdown or not.

When we are feeling stressed, we go into fight or flight mode, which releases stressor hormones such as adrenaline. A supportive circle of women offers a sense of connection, empathy and unity. All of these feelings activate oxytocin which is a fundamental hormone for labour and birth.

Please set up a nice cosy space in your home for the circle. It’s a good idea to have a space where you can lay down comfortably, have low lighting and a nice warm blanket. Let your family members know you are having some well deserved YOU time so not to disturb.

❤ Recentering meditation created by Danielle to calm the nervous system and focus on your body and your baby.

❤ Kate will guide you through a effective relaxation technique that you can use to relax during pregnancy and labour

❤ Time for sharing (as much or as little as you like).

❤ Come as you are, you will be supported in this space with no expectations or judgement

If you feel called to spend an hour connecting with yourself, your baby and other pregnant Mama’s, register below and we will send you the link to Zoom.

**Please note this Zoom will be recorded for those Mama’s who are unable to make it.

**Please also note that registration details will be shared between Sacred Space Hypnobirthing & Positively Hypnobirthing. 

Register for the online pregnancy circle

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