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Pregnancy Planning Masterclass

You’re invited to an online Pregnancy Planning Masterclass on Tuesday the 30th of May at 7pm.

In the first few weeks of pregnancy most women are focusing on getting through the morning sickness and fatigue that often comes with the first trimester and tend to focus their energy on baby announcements and gender reveals. However, some of the most fundamental parts of having a positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum start with how you prepare in the first trimester.

Often women choose their care provider based on recommendations from others before they consider the type of birth they would like. However, the evidence shows that the type of care you choose will have a significant impact on the type of birth that you have and how you will feel about the overall experience.

As a birth educator I often meet families that have chosen a type of care that does not align with the type of birth they have in mind. These families often comment that they wish they had known about all the options earlier as they may have chosen a different option of care, some even choosing to switch care in late pregnancy which can be stressful and overwhelming. When families contact me in early pregnancy and schedule a pregnancy planning consultation, I often find these women end up choosing a different path than they originally considered simply by discovering what is important to them and what types of care that will best support their preferences.

In this 60 minute Pregnancy Planning Masterclass we’ll explore:

  • Discovering what is important to you and how that impacts your care provider choices.
  • Options of care providers available in Queensland (both public and private)
  • A list of questions to ask when interviewing care providers so you can feel confident in choosing the best options of care for your pregnancy.
  • Steps for you and your birth partner to do to help you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for your journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • What to consider when creating your birth plan
  • Question time to ask anything and draw on my years of experience both as a birth educator and a mother of two.


I want to help you consider what is important to you in your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Once you are clear on what is important to you, you will feel prepared to find a care provider that aligns with the type of birth that you are planning for. There are many different options available regardless if you are planning to go public or private. Some of these options are hidden gems that most people do not know are available.


When: Tuesday the 30th of May 2023

Time: 7:00 – 8:00pm

Where: Online from the comfort of your own home. A zoom link will be provided upon registration

Cost: Complimentary

This interactive masterclass is designed to help you feel confident and clear about your pregnancy and upcoming birth.

You will also receive a workbook to help you consider all of your options and start planning.

Imagine finding out you are pregnant and already feeling confident and prepared?!

Register now for this free masterclass and walk away knowing exactly what steps come next for your positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum.




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